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Contact us

Office Germany

CustomSized GmbH
Am Prime-Parc 3
65479 Raunheim

Contact: Adrian Baumann
Telephone: +49 6142-497980
Email: info@customsized.net

Office Swiss

Customsized AG
In der Euelwies 22
CH-8408 Winterthur

Contact: Giovanni Iorio-Esposito
Telephone: +41 52 551 23 40
Email: zrh@customsized.net

What we offer in detail

Know exactly what you want, and are looking for a partner to give you individual support? That’s great. We’ve put together a list of our services for you below for a better overview. If you have any questions, just contact us.

Just contact us if you have any questions.


  • Release for free circulation
  • Individual customs declaration
  • Simplified customs declaration
  • Inward processing incl. delivery to the competent (border) customs office
  • CARNET processing
  • Application methods


  • Creation of export accompanying document
  • Appearance outside the customs office
  • AES EXIT filing
  • One-step process at the customs office
  • Outward processing
  • Temporary export

Handling of fiscal duties

  • Organisation of your shipment's dispatch
  • Fiscal representation incl. Intrastat declaration

IMPOST process

  • Advising on the new IMPOST process
  • Custom solution for the dispatch of low-value shipments

NCTS dispatch process

  • Processing of NCTS dispatch notes
  • T1, T2, T2L, T2LF

Tariff classification

  • Tariff classification of items
  • Justified recommendations on how to classify your items

Export control/sanctions list screening

  • Automated comparison of your personal and business address with selected and current sanctions lists
  • Consistent with your exports

Advice on

  • Customs solutions
  • Foreign trade solutions
  • Item management
  • Tariff classification
  • Interim management
  • Training concepts
  • Logistics solutions

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+49 6142-497980

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